by robynblair is creating seriously amazing candy-inspired art

If the art you surround yourself with in your living environments is meant to make you happy, it doesn’t get much better than by robynblair‘s sweets-inspired pieces. I’m particularly obsessed with her “in case of emergency break glass.” Though if I got a chocolate themed one I could see myself being tempted to actually break the glass! The pieces are so fun and work to instantly brighten up any space. I spoke with the artist, Robyn Blair, to find out more about her awesome – and perfect for the Instagram age – work.
What inspired you to start a candy themed line?
I love candy and color! I constantly have candy with me so it was only a matter of time until I started craving candy on my walls. Moreso, I love that candy makes people happy and brings them together. Everyone has a memory or a story tied to candy and it has a sense of nostalgia, which I think (and hope others do too) that my pieces have too.
How much of your business is via Instagram?
I’d say 80%!  The other 20% is word-of-mouth from past customers, friends and family. I also have a few pieces hanging in various locations such as Beauty and Essex, American Two Shot and Kyle by Alene Too, which has led people to my website.
How did you get the word out there about your art?
My main focus is Instagram, whether it’s me sharing, friends sharing, and/or influencers sharing. It’s been the most amazing platform for my business. I recently partnered with a female-led neon company, name-glo (girl power!) and made a piece with the text on the outside in neon which has been very well received. We launched the collaboration at American Two Shot in SoHo, and built a miniature candy land around it, which people can still visit through August. (see image above)
How exactly is your art made? Is it real candy and if so any danger of mold or anything like that?
Each piece is made with real candy! I use plexi glass on the outside of my pieces and a special glue around each piece of candy wrapper that preserves them.
What dimensions are your pieces? Price range?
My pieces start at $1,200 and range in size between 16” x 24” and 36” x 48”, (always 1.5” in depth). The biggest and the smallest sizes have been the most popular!

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