Caring for your Intimates

With Valentine’s Day coming-up many of us are looking for the perfect lingerie-look. I just picked-up a cute little sheer pink number with heart detailing from Agent Provocateur — I’m only a 32B so I typically don’t shop there, but for special occasions I’m all about something a little saucy because — why not!? Caring for carefully crafted lingerie is no easy fete however — simply using water is out of the question as is the washing machine. Luckily Soak founder Jacqueline Sava gets our dilemma. Soak is a hand-wash solution that is so gentle it doesn’t need to be rinsed-out! In addition to lingerie, it can also be used for hosiery, swimwear, cashmere, silk and knits. There are no perfumes or dyes and a biodegradable, phosphate-free formulation is used for all Soak products. They come in travel-size, 130mL, and  425mL bottles and retail from $1.25 – $16. There are an array of scents to choose from as well as a scentless one. Storing your lingerie after the jump!


Why risk stains or an over-powering scent by spritzing your lingerie with perfume when you can just get Soap & Paper Factory Scented Drawer Liners ($28) to infuse your delicates with a fresh scent! The liners come beautifully packaged in a long chic box (this makes a wonderful gift as well) and there are four scents available –Rosewood, Orange Blossom, Verbena, and Green Tea. There are 6 scented sheets of paper in each box and the sheets measure 19 1/2 x 27 inches.

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