Cartier Wallet and Credit Card Holder

I passed by Cartier last weekend and decided to stop in just to look at some of their Panthere de Cartier pieces. At some point in my extended session of trying on six figure pieces that I can’t afford, I decided I should start ogling some things that are actually feasible for me to buy (god one day I hope that, that category includes the entire Panthere de Cartier collection!).

I made my way up to the second floor where I found countless temptations – including a trio of trinket holders and gorgeous stationary – but I ended-up picking up a wallet and a credit card holder. The wallet I wasn’t actually in the market for, but how can you go wrong with a classic like the Marcello de Cartier wallet ($520)? It actually has a lot of room for credit cards, but since I’m always worried about someone stealing my wallet, I keep my money and cards separate. The credit card holder I was using before was very similar to this one in shape and the cards were always falling out in my bag, so I’ve actually been in the market for a new one for awhile. I ended-up getting the Cartier Envelope Card Holder ($155) in taupe (this color just launched and is not yet online). Love it! It has a back outside pocket where I put my business cards and the envelope itself fits all seven of my cards.

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