Celeb Brows: Tips from Ramy Gafni, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Guru


All photos from people.com

I had the chance to ask Ramy Gafni –Celebrity Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Guru — what he thought about the above celebrity photos. See below for what the expert had to say about Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Connelly’s eye brows along with some tips for achieving the right brow shape!

Ramy Gafni: What I see when I look at these photos of Jennifer Garner, Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Connelly is that your facial shape (round, oval, heart shaped or square) does not determine your brow shape. Some people are born with a thicker eyebrow, like Jennifer Connelly, and some with a less strong brow, like Jennifer Garner. The key is to take the brows you’re born with and shape them into the most flattering shape for your individual facial type.

* A round face looks best with a stronger, straighter eyebrow which can add needed angles to a round face.

* An oval face looks best with a medium fullness and classic arch.

* A long face looks best with a stronger, higher arch.

* A square face looks best with a slightly rounder arch to add needed softness.

The above are just guidelines, however, as you have to take into account not just your facial shape, but also how thick or thin your “virgin” eyebrows are to begin with, how dense or sparse your brow hairs are, the size and shape of your eyes, how close set or far apart your eyes are, your age and finally, what look you are trying to achieve. More after the jump!

To get your eyebrows done by Ramy, check-out his website for his salon contact information. Personally I’ve never had anyone do my eyebrows for me — I do just fine with Tweezerman — but I do love these tips. It really is all about matching your face shape with the kind of eyebrow you’re born with. Besides Ramy, there’s of course Anastasia, and I’ve heard only good things from friends about threading at Shobha (my go-to spot for bikini sugaring!). Do you do your brows on your own or go to a professional? Have you ever had any brow misshapes?


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    I love their hair style!

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