Chanel Spring 2014 Collection: Art Star

Chanel Spring 2014 Collection

Ever the showman, Karl Lagerfeld didn’t disappoint with the big reveal of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. He conceptualized it as a massive art unveiling, transforming the Grand Palais into a Lagerfeld-laden gallery, full of paintings and sculptures (75 to be exact, imagined by Karl himself). While Karl claims not to own any art himself, he says he chooses to collect books. Hey, art is in the eye of the beholder – and bags are about as fine as art gets, if you ask me.


Especially when they’re Chanel! A vibrant and sunny ready-to-wear collection speaks of youth and play, from the deconstructed iconic blazers and skirts to the mod-chic sheaths with trompe l’oeil effects. It was a perfect collage-style palette for an assortment of bags that makes me feel like a kid in a high-art candy store.


Graffiti-sprayed backpacks feel like they were pulled from the East Village scene in the era of young Basquiat, while oversized portfolios are for the fashion-obsessed artist who has it all. Watercolor patterns doused over the classic flap, chain straps made of strands of pearls, touchable tile effects on totes: these bags may be inspired by the stuff of museums and galleries, but this is art that begs to be worn and carried. And then my favorite: the miniature crossbody bags made to fit cell phones and little else. With color – and lots of it – Karl proves he’s got his hand on the pulse, whether it’s fashion, art, or both at once. And we’ll want to get our hands on these little masterpieces, stat.





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  1. Joan
    October 9, 2013 / 9:21 am

    I am a faithful reader and I love your site (and your style).
    On this I must simply disagree with you. As much as I worship Chanel and while no one can question the Keiser’s artful and inspired brain, this collection I do not like. Too much colour, too much entropy, too much plastic (of excellent quality, yet still plastic or Perspex or whatever its name is..). I was trying to find a word for it all when I was watching the Chanel show online, and what came to mind over and over was: disorienting.
    I like seeing it on the runway. But to wear it in real life? No.

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