Chanel Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

The Fall 2010 Chanel makeup collection, which hits counters next month, is a play on contrast. Under the direction of Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, the emphasis is on strong eyes and soft lips. You  can get an idea for the color range below, but jump for a better view of the fabulous new lip gloss shades and eye shadows!


Thank goodness for Chanel and their exquisitely packaged products (the only brand that can give Tom Ford a run for his money!). So many brands skimped on packing by ditching brushes these last few years, but Chanel continues to package their shadows with brushes and in a velvet pouch. Their blushes also come with brushes (and not a completely useless sponge — who uses a sponge to apply blush!?). The look that Philips was going for with this collection happens to be the look I almost always go for.

The stand-outs for me are the Taupe Grise eye shade ($28.50) and the glosses. The chocolate gray eye color has just a touch of shimmer to make your eyes effortlessly pop when combined with black liner and mascara, while the glosses, Levres Scintillantes Glossimer ($17), now come in four new shades: Petite Peche, a pale peach; Coral Love, a bright coral shimmer; Rose Dilemma, a soft pink; and Teaser, a vivid pink. You can layer these over matte lipstick if you’re into the dramatic glossy look (they are not sticky at all), but for those like myself that like to just play-up their natural lip color with shine, just swish the shade that best complements your natural lip color and you’ll have natural-looking, glossy, non-sticky lips – perfect, easy, look for the warm, muggy weather we’ve got going on in NYC at the moment!

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