Chantecaille The Perfect Brow Set: New Year, New Brows

Chantecaille The Perfect Brow Set

Nothing says “youthful” better than a set of thick and beautiful brows. While many have tried (and few have succeeded), Chantecaille has perfected the technique with their Perfect Brow trio. Aside from perhaps a pair of tweezers for the renegade stray hair, these are the only three products you need to achieve the ideal arch.

Speaking of which, I always start at the arch and work my way down to the ends. The front tip should be blended with the rest of the brows, but it shouldn’t be too dark or you’ll look older. With a triangular tip on one end and a grooming brush on the other, the Waterproof Brow Definer makes finding the right balance easy. Then the Full Brow Perfecting Gel not only holds brows in place all day and night, it also promotes hair growth (in the ‘90s, I over-plucked à la Kate Moss). And last but not least, finish things off with the Brow Lift E’clat. A swipe under the brows gives a lifted effect and you immediately look more awake. Think of it as an instant brow lift, without the surgery. This is, hands down, one of the best beauty sets of 2014! Chantecaille The Perfect Brow Set at Nordstromicon for $88.

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