Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen: Advice to My Younger Self

Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen

I recently posted a fun Instagram asking followers what advice they would give their younger selves. The most popular response? “USE SUNSCREEN!” I can definitely relate. To the Chinese, pale is more beautiful, so my grandmother was not at all impressed with my teenage indulgences – everything from baby oil to cocoa butter was used to crisp my skin up each summer, and in my Junior year of high school, I even started going to tanning salons. Unfortunately or fortunately – depending on how you look at it – I realized the error of my ways when a lump developed on my back. My doctor removed it immediately, attributing its appearance to my love of tanning. And if that wasn’t enough to cure me of my Bain de Soleil obsession, being told by every single member of my family did the trick (my father and mother each have about nine brother and sisters each – you do the math!).

Since then, my addiction to the sun has turned into an addiction to sun block. The boy even calls me the sunscreen nazi. Rain or shine, I apply to my face, neck, chest, and hands daily. And I make sure to cover him to, with multiple bottles sitting around our house and car for whenever I can grab him. I’ve tried every sun block out there from drugstore mainstays to cosmeceutical brands from Japan, and Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection sunscreen is by far the best. When I was outside this weekend watching my son play soccer, not a single darkened spot appeared. The SPF 50 formula is rich, yet lightweight and completely moisturizing. All you need is a dime-sized drop, which is good because this is pricey! Trust me, though, if you have the budget, it’s worth splurging on. What’s your go-to sunscreen? At Chantecaille for $89.

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