Charlotte Olympia Kitty Clutch with Swarovski Eyes: Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Clutch with Swarovski Eyes

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted (and everything you didn’t even know you needed). After the presents are opened at my house, I crawl back into bed, relieved to have survived yet another hectic holiday season. And I start shopping with my Christmas cash (Yes, my father-in-law and my father still give me cash for Christmas. Woo-hoo!). I call that fun money, the kind that exists just for things I wouldn’t usually splurge on.

Like Charlotte Olympia‘s silly Kitty Perspex clutch with Swarovski crystal eyes! This is a prime example; it’s like a toy for grownups. With a swingy, circular wristlet handle to top it off and a coy, almost teasing expression, this kitty cat is both functional and adorable. Black cats are supposed to mean bad luck, but not this one! Or do I go all-out with candy-like bright red? Either one will put a smile on my face every time I see it…Even if it spends most of its time catnapping in my bag closet. Come on, how can you resist? Charlotte Olympia Kitty clutch on Luisa via Roma for $995.

Pair with: If you have the nerve to take your new toy out for a daytime jaunt, be sure to give it a knowing wink with Illesteva + Zac Posen’s retro-perfect cat-eye sunglasses. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $295.

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