Charlotte Olympia Sunny Metallic Patent-Leather and PVC Clutch: Gotcha!

Charlotte Olympia Sunny Metallic Patent-Leather and PVC Clutch

Oh no, she didn’t! Charlotte Olympia struck again, and though the joke’s on me, I’m too excited to care. There I was scrolling through NET-A-PORTER looking for some new sunglasses, when I found the perfect retro pair – only to realize it was a cat-eyed clutch! I don’t normally like to feature the same designer two days in a row, but this was just too great not to share. While the crystal-accented bag (affectionately named “Sunny”) is an odd shape for storing your necessities and with the PVC lenses, there’s certainly no privacy, this is clearly more about statement than function. Just grab your phone, credit card, lip gloss…and maybe a pair of real sunglasses. Hey, I’m not opposed to editing down essentials. My only concern is the cost. At this price, she better have included SPF 60! On NET-A-PORTERicon for $895.

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