Chic and Cheap Thrills: Kate Moss Top Shop


I got hooked on Kate Moss for Top Shop during my last trip to London. I picked up a gray leather jacket (Nina Garcia has same!) that has become the envy of all my girlfriends here. For the price, Kate Moss Top Shop is of higher quality than most of the mall brands and definitely more stylish. I ordered a couple more tops over the weekend (so convenient that Top shop is online, no need to risk the loudness of Oxford Circus. I love Kate’s little shrugs and wear them often with jeans and skinny pants. The Trophy stud blouse (top left) is very disco worthy and will be great when I’m home in Asia next month (where I have to be a bit more conservative). I also grabbed the Metal leaf shrug ($135 top right)- so perfect for transitional weather. What about you, have you been sucked in to the Kate Moss Top Shop craze?

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  1. PJ
    October 1, 2009 / 6:04 pm

    for the price it’s decent

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