cheer up moms in quarantine with these unique finds

No matter how relatively bad or good your situation may be in regards to the pandemic that is ravaging our world, it’s tough. Moms have a tendency to take on the weight of the world, so this mother’s day more than ever, let’s pamper the ones we love. It’s not always easy to come up with gift ideas so I’ve rounded up some unique ones – for both high and low budgets.

For starters, if mom is blessed with outdoor space, Minni Dip – they bill themselves as the first designed inflatable pools but they’re actually pretty affordable – offers fun buys, all of which are guaranteed to make mom smile. If you’re not quarantining with Mom, I love the idea of sending this to her with a cocktail mix, bottle of rose, or some BBQ bites. For an idea, the photo up top is of Yes Way Rosé (apparently Drew Barrymore is also a fan). A bottle is just $14.99 and it’s hard not to smile seeing it (it’s also worth mentioning that 100% of profits from the sales of the sweatshirt Drew is wearing will be donated to Citymeals). lets you personalize everything from pillows and blankets (ones that actually look nice too) to photobooks. It’s easy and can connect to Facebook and Instagram so you don’t need to upload images. It will also alert you when image quality might be a problem. Plus they almost always have serious sales going on (like 40% off, serious). I love this idea, especially in these times when so many of us are away from our parents.

Mother’s day is a great excuse to give a gift to dog mom friends (I know a few who could use some cheering up right about now…). 20% of this dog mom-themed bundle (and all Grounds & Hounds products) profits are deployed to rescue organizations. The coffee brand also has a mother’s day bundle.

Not only are Aviator Nation’s sweatpants some of the coziest (they’re handmade in L.A.), but 100% of sales during the shutdown go toward paying employees of the brand.  They also make swimwear, outerwear, and even surfboards.
If mom has been sleeping on the same mattress since you were in High School – it’s time for an upgrade. Helix is great because they make picking the best mattress option online very easy via an online quiz, have free shipping, financing options, often have special promotions, and they have a 10 to 15-year warranty (depending on the model; experts recommend getting a new mattress every 10 years). They also offer a 100 night trial. Stay tuned in the coming days for more on getting better sleep and mattress shopping!

I would love to get my mother the Cartier jewelry she deserves, but in the meantime how about this art from charity-driven, affordable contemporary art e-commerce site Art Sugar? Pure kitschy perfection! 10% of proceeds of these pieces by contemporary painter Angie Crabtree go to help Doctors Without Borders’ Covid relief efforts.

For new moms, the SNOO Smart Sleeper is considered the gold standard. Pediatrician-developed it’s said to help babies (newborn to 6 months) sleep, on average, 1-2 hours more a night. It’s very pricy (around $1,300), but they have a rental program that comes out to about the price of a cappuccino/day.

These days, food is king (and toilet paper…). To that end I’m obsessed with Real Phat Foods. They make breads, crackers, and bombs all of which are low sugar and keto and paleo-friendly. Everything is made from scratch, with real ingredients that you can actually pronounce. COVID-19 has reminded us all that nothing is more precious than health and many of us struggle to get our parents to eat better…baby steps with products like this.

I love all of Robyn Blair’s art pieces, but this one couldn’t be more appropriate given the current times. Dormify stocks print versions of her pieces for those looking to get a more affordable alternative.

20% of sales from Vardagen’s Pandemic collection are being donated to independent freelance creatives that are currently out-of-work due to the coronavirus. At $15 this towel is a great frugal find.

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