Chloé Camille Crossbody Bag: Chloé’s Right on Cue

Chloé Camille Crossbody Bag

I cannot get enough of Chloé bags lately! The current object of my desire is the Camille crossbody bag: an absolutely adorable mini-bucket bag laden with some serious hardware. The lock, a clever throwback to Chloé’s Paddington days (a lifetime ago in bag years), is quite heavy, but it’s also easily removable. Meanwhile, the bag itself is so delightfully lightweight, the lock doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the Paddington’s did!

So what catalyzed the sudden obsession with Chloé again these past few months? It seems like their designs have taken a newly reinvigorated turn, that’s for sure. Whatever the reason, I’m all about the change. I have the brown version of the Camille, and since I’ve gotten it, it has rarely left my side. I literally took a nap with it today – not kidding! It’s so soft and cute and round and cuddly. And once you see it in different hues, they almost look like yummy little bonbons. So naturally, I want one in every color! At MATCHESFASHION.COM for $3,352.

Pair with: You’ll also want to collect Lancôme’s Artliner Bold Color liquid eyeliner. A jolt of searing Emerald or shimmering Sapphire instantly heats up (faux) bronzed skin. On NET-A-PORTER for $34.50.

Chloé Camille Crossbody Bag

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