Chloë Sevigny x Louis Vuitton Alma BB: My Alma Mater

Chloë Sevigny x Louis Vuitton Alma BB

It’s been a while since the spotlight has been on the Alma, the Louis Vuitton bag that was originally called the Squire, then the Champs-Élysées. It wasn’t until it was finally christened the Alma that it became a success. Named after Place de L’Alma, a lush square in Paris where the Avenue Montaigne meets the Seine, it’s all about old-school elegance. With a shape inspired by the Art Deco movement that resembles a traditional bowling bag revamped into a ladylike style, it’s about as classic as a bag gets.

Chloë Sevigny proves this case, as she was spotted with the newest incarnation pulled over her nubby coat, and she also reminds us it’s totally fresh. Louis Vuitton has resurrected their Matellage leather (borrowed from the crisscross lining their trunks) again, and the quilted motif works wonders for the Alma. Don’t let the petite BB size fool you: It opens up wide for plenty of room, making this a perfect day-to-night bag. Louis Vuitton Alma BB at Louis Vuitton for $3,950.

Wear with: A whimsical coat, like Shrimps’s lightly striped faux fur piece, is the answer to this timeless bag. On NET-A-PORTER for $925.

Chloë Sevigny x Louis Vuitton Alma BB

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