Citi Bikers Listen Up! Here’s a helmet you’ll actually want to wear

Most people do things they know are bad for them – like not wear SPF daily or eat one too many cookies. Another common misstep – not wearing a helmet! I get it – it’s annoying to lug around, most of them make you look anything but sexy, and they’re not great for hair, but not wearing one can have devastating consequences (obvious but always worth reiterating), yet people do it on the regular. In fact, whether I’m in Tel Aviv or Manhattan – arguably some of the most dangerous cities to be biking given the traffic – I see way more people without helmets than with them, which is why I think it’s my duty to tell you about Lumos.

The helmets feel great (not weird and bulky), are conversation starters, will fully protect your head, and work great at night. I now have my father, husband, and brother all wearing them. It would be a shame not to use all the features (though my Dad doesn’t, he just love the look) because they have awesome lighting features like turn signaling and automatic break lighting so you can let those around you not only better see you, but let them easily know what you’re doing. If you get really into it, you can also customize the lighting patterns. I don’t have kids, but I could see them actually thinking Lumos is cool too and using the helmet which again could be lifesaving!

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