Clé de Peau: Pure Perfection

cle-de-peau-la-creme.jpgClé de Peau has been on my radar since I first tried the iconic “La Creme” years ago. I had never tried its color collection, however, until the Beauty Event last week at Neiman Marcus North Park.  I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Clé de Peau National Make Up consultant Kyriaki Savrani that day and she helped me pick out make up colors (is there anything more fun than playing with make up all day?).

A native of Greece, make up artist Kyriaki Savrani’s resume extends across all corridors of the beauty industry. The sophisticated beauty got her start in 1992 while attending art school in Paris and assisting Stephen Marais. Since then Kyriaki has built an extensive list celebrity clientele (Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, Anne Hathaway, Audrey Tautou and many others) and work with designers such as Chanel, Valentino, Dior and Karl Lagerfeld.  Yet no matter how “haute” the couture, Kyriaki brings her own unique perspective to her craft. 

cle_de_peau_silky_lipstick.jpgDuring our interview, I learned a lot about the brand and its devoted followers.  Kate Moss apparently swipes a tube of the uber popular Extra Silky lipstick-$50 everytime they do her make up.  I wonder if I can get away with same at the counter?  I’m all about new shade 118 (Lily of the Nile)– it’s a soft pinkish beige that looks really natural!  Plus the formula has a shine to it so you don’t need lip gloss.  Kyriaki declared that the era of heavy gooey gloss that bubble when you talk is over!  A hint of shine is much more sexy though she is all about the matte lipstick (in red no less!)

Another exciting newly formulated product is the Cream Foundation. ($118).  It now comes with a twist applicator that gives you the exact dosage you need (in the shape of the Cle de peau logo) so you won’t waste a drop of this amazingly velvety foundation.  Kyriaki put O10 on me (at lunch she predicted I’d be O10 by looking at my chest.  Apparently the chest is the perfect spot to match foundation!) and it was the perfect shade for me.  (Just a warning, you’ll read the word “perfect” a lot in this post.)  I was with a friend before going to Neiman Marcus and told her I was interviewing Kyriaki and she squealed, “I love the Cream Foundation, it’s all I wear!  Tell them it’s my favorite brand!”  

cle_de_peau_concealer.jpgApparently Clé de Peau devotees are just short of maniacs (my friends included)– a girl once posted a 3 page blog about her love of Clé de Peau concealer. She tried to find a replacement for the $70 stick of perfection but could not find anything up to par. The long tale ended with this lesson– “perfection can not be replicated”. I shared this story with a friend at dinner the other night and her eyes glazed over and she practically shouted “Clé de Peau concealer is irreplaceable! How dare she even try!”  Uh, okay. I’ll just leave it at that. I am getting the Warm Ivory myself and was told I needed warm it up between my fingers by not one but three different friends.  How long has everyone been in this secret Clé de Peau cult and not included me?

cle-de-peau-intensifying-eyeliner.jpgAnother fabulous new product is the Intensifying cream eyeliner- $60. Unlike the cakey dry one I currently have that cost triple the price, this one glides on like silk in a creamy formula. It’s also waterproof so I can at least look presentable pool and beachside this summer. I got the Deep black of course but also went a bit adventurous with the Smoky silver. It gives the eyes a subtle glimmer for evening (or day if you’re like me and don’t care what other people think of your make up). It comes with a retractable brush which takes all the guess work out of the application.

I asked Kyriaki to impart a last word of make up wisdom before we said goodbye and she told me “Don’t follow the ‘Strong eye, pale lip’ or ‘Pale eye, strong lip’ rule. You look off balanced with a dark smoky eye and no lips! It’s about maintaining perfect balance on the face to be most beautiful. As long as you keep the colors complementary and not clashing, a strong smoky eye will balance a strong lip!” (note: by clashing she means turquoise eye shadow and hot pink lips).

Clé de Peau Beaute available at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus (I get mine at North Park).  Go try out the line and let me know how you feel after you drink the kool aid.  Maybe I should form a club for the perfection obsessed!


  1. Sarah
    March 31, 2009 / 12:18 pm

    Welcome to the club dollface, I’ve been a fan of Cle de peau for years! Love the new applicator on the cream foundation. It’s my fave!

  2. juliet
    March 31, 2009 / 12:21 pm

    Truly the holy grail of concealer, for me at least. A tube lasts a good long time, too.

  3. Fiona
    March 31, 2009 / 12:54 pm

    Hi snob! I dragged my mom to north park and made her buy me a few things from cle de peau (I’m still at SMU). You all are right the concealer is amazing!

  4. coachwife6
    March 31, 2009 / 3:05 pm

    I have the concealer and the eyeliner in eggplant (you got me hooked on that shade when I won a Prescriptives giveaway). The Prescriptives ran out and my SA at Barney’s recommended the CDP eyeliner and I never, ever will change again. The applicator brush works extremely well. My BB brushes could not give the correct application like the brush included with the eyeliner. You can’t apply it incorrectly. The only drawback is that it is difficult to remove at night, but my SA is sending me some remover that she said will work well. I can see myself slowly switching over to this brand more and more as I try additional products from this line.

  5. [vogue]
    April 1, 2009 / 8:35 am

    Oh Tina!! Have you tried their loose powder – It’s one of the best out there! It makes the skin smooth, flawless and perfectly glowy!!

    The concealer is a cult secret! One must not divulge on the secret!! I’m kidding. I’ve turned multiple friends and family on this. Makes my skin flawless in an instant – only downside is that it’s a tiny bit heavy.

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