Clarins Advanced Extra Firming Night Cream — Very Dry Skin


I’ve had one of the worst weeks ever:( I caught the flu (get a flu shot if you haven’t!!!), and missed not one, but three birthday parties! My friend Mikael was planning a get together at a new fondue place La Cave des Fondues, my friend Lauren had a party at this super-cute dessert place Sweetiepie, and my friend Jane had what looks to me from pictures to be one of the year’s best parties! It was a “Naughty or Nice Party” held at a Soho loft with Patron sponsoring it and fab gift bags (please, can someone tell me how I could get sponsors to pay for my next party!!!??), but that’s not all — all the stars from MTV’s The Hills spin-off The City were there..not too shabby! Anyway this all leads me to feel very compelled to take care of myself so I get through the rest of the winter season happy and healthy! To that end, I’d like to talk about how much I’m jumping for joy about FINALLY having discovered a face cream to stop all the flaking and pealing my skin has undergone from the weather (even my two humidifiers weren’t doing the trick). The magic face cream is — dum dum dum — Clarins Advanced Extra Firming Night Cream for Very Dry Skin! More about it after the Jump!

Clarins Advanced Extra Firming Night Cream for Very Dry Skin ($85) is literally the only thing that has worked on my skin. Any regular moisturizer that I tried worked for a few hours and then the peeling would start again — even if I scrubbed my face every morning and every night the flakes came back! Not with this cream though. It’s aimed at those in their 40s and since I’m only in my 20s I’ve been careful not to use too much. Even just a smidgen though is enough to keep my cheeks, nose and forehead happy and hydrated! More tips and picks to keep your skin healthy during the winter months in the weeks to come!!

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