how Clothing can provide shoulder and back support (and help you recover from your workout)

Do you sit at a desk all day? I don’t sit as much as most (5-6 hours), but I still have lower back pain. And that’s despite splurging on a Herman Miller desk chair and working with a personal trainer to strengthen my lower back (and my wrists from typing/phone use). My personal trainer is how I first heard about tops and even leggings providing support and after Googling a bit I came across  Tommie Copper. They specialize in compression clothing and accessories – basically Spanx but comfortable enough to wear all-day (some items even while you sleep). Unlike Spanx, however, they’re not designed to “suck in” though they do that to a degree as well, they have targeted compression to help deal with chronic pain and with muscle recovery.

The magic ingredient is copper (and you can find many other brands that use it for these purposes) – hence the brand name. Copper helps regrow joint cartilage, which is what you lose when you suffer from chronic ailments like arthritis, and tame inflammation to help relieve pain. I wouldn’t wear these in place of my beloved Koral or Alala items because the aesthetics of what I wear have such a big impact on my mood/performance,  but these are great for when you’re working, at-home, or as a base layer (they also make “accessories” like back braces for recovery). You’ll feel a difference near-instantly. Because the magic of copper infused clothing is in the compression, it’s important to note that correct sizing is very important. Also it’s worth noting that the activewear is designed to be moisture-wicking and there’s UPF 50+ for outdoor wear.

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