Coach X Keith Haring Bags on Sale

When a designer brand releases limited edition bags, I know that someone in the world will love it.  It doesn’t matter that I think that some of them are absurd – my opinions are besides the point; where fashion is concerned, there is always someone who will get animated by the ideas hatched by a designer.

That’s why it surprised me that some of Coach’s bags from the Coach x Keith Haring collection are still floating around on the web. Coach has enough cool fashion association that makes you feel like you’re sharing the mindsets of stylish people; coupled with this,  is the omg factor,  I didn’t have to seriously manage my finances to buy it. Getting something unique from Coach, I thought, would buoy temptations further.

The posthumous artworks of the New York AID’s activist and pop artist add a sort of social commentary to the 1980’s decade when AID’s reached crisis point, giving this Coach collection more meaning than your average fashion collaboration. One icon in particular, looks like two stick figures merged together with an X marked in the middle, which appears to depict societal condemnation of same sex partnerships, only a mere 38 years ago. 

There’s lighthearted embellishment of his life’s works too, though, like cute cartoons of robots, dogs, hearts and flags, some with Haring’s signature squiggly forms that wouldn’t look weird found on the walls of a child’s day care centre, though done with more finesse.

I don’t really like art on bags,  as it can sometimes read as gimmicky but there’s no vibe of that sort here. Above all, I’m not incredulous that someone in the world actually loves this collection too. 

Scroll down to see my favourites, on sale now. 

Coach X Keith Haring market tote, Was $422, NOW $295

Coach X Keith Haring camera bag, Was $240, NOW $168


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