Coast to Coast

One of the only reasons I like about the airport is getting to pretend like anyone cares about my outfit. My favorite guilty pleasure is soaking up each and every paparazzi shot of celebs getting ready to jet off and imagining how I, naturally, would have styled it better. Can I get an amen for airport fashion?! I’m not even embarrassed to say that I immediately purchased a beanie on Black Friday because I happened to see my very favorite k-pop idol wearing it at the airport. The shipping cost as much as the hat itself. I have no regrets.

It’s tempting to throw on some athleisure and call it a day, but I prefer to treat the airport like my own personal runway – airport fashion clearly requires as much thought as everything else I’m packing. That doesn’t mean comfort gets stowed away, though. Check out a few super comfy, yet undeniably fashionable pieces that take you straight from the plane to the party.


Gucci Check Jacket w/ Patch $4,500



STELLA MCCARTNEY High-rise Skinny Stretch Wool Pants $865


VALENTINO Cashmere Sweater $1,790


Vince Neck Knot Dress $395

I.AM.GIA Cobain Pants $130


MAX MARA Lilia Cashmere Coat $5,390



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