Is Coffee the New “It” Skin Care Ingredient?


It is according to Frank Body and their impressive 623,000+ Instagram followers. While coffee has long been used in skin care, particularly in eye creams, since caffeine can help alleviate redness, inflammation, and under-eye circles, it’s now being pushed front and center in a number of products, including body ones. In fact, the inflammation-fighting properties that make it a popular eye care ingredient are also why people are using it on the body. The “rough” structure also works to boost circulation, which can help mitigate the appearance of cellulite (though there is no real way to get rid of cellulite other than building up the muscles under the fat pockets).

At the forefront of this caffeinated trend is Frank Body, an all-natural skin care line based in Melbourne, Australia (Ariana Grande is a fan…she called it her number one beauty must-have). They’ve just expanded to the U.S. Though it should be noted that a big part of their big hype may be all the naked women covered in coffee grounds they post on social media! That aside, the brand’s scrub works well to moisturize. Their products are made using fresh, coffee-based ingredients to create awesome-smelling body scrubs (at least if you love coffee!) that stimulate blood flow. The scrubs are great exfoliators – perfect this time of year if you’re shaving your bikini area (always exfoliate before to get rid of dead skin cells). The one downside…the coffee will go everywhere in the shower!! So don’t use this if you’re in a rush as it will entail some “housekeeping” post-shower…