Coin Purses: One for the Money

Coin Purses

I have a loaded arsenal of coin purses. Why does one have so many you ask? First, off they’re adorable! But I have a practical reason, too – my Delvaux holds Euros, Chanel has Chinese coins in it, and an old Gucci protects my Taiwanese NT coins. Now I’m looking for something to carry my British pounds in. I tolerate much more kitsch from coin purses that I ever would from my bags (at a reasonable price, of course), so let’s see if there’s something out there that fits the bill:

Gucci Hedgehog Leather and Twill Coin Purse: My kid has been begging for a hedgehog for months. They’re hideous and adorable at the same time, and I have to admit I’m kind of fascinated with them. On NET-A-PORTER for $350.

Saint Laurent Zipped Coin Purse: What better to store your coins in than a gold coin purse? At Barneys New York for $395.

Mulberry Valentine’s Heart Leather Coin Purse: When you pile up tons of coins, they can get pretty irritating, but pop them in a heart-shaped pouch and they’ll suddenly be just a little more lovable. On Luisa via Roma for $210.

Comme des Garçons Polka-Dot Leather Coin Purse: If you prefer whimsy to full-on kitsch, a simple polka-dot pattern is all you need to lighten the mood (even if its contents don’t lighten your bag!). On NET-A-PORTER for $165.

Gucci Lady Bug Leather Coin Purse: Another “Gucci Zoo” creature ready to guard your goods. Lady bugs are thought to be good luck, and who doesn’t want that kind of energy flying around their money? On NET-A-PORTER for $260.

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