Must-Have Collaboration: Tibi Chapeau Bags by Myriam Schaefer

Tibi Chapeau Bags by Miriam Schaefer

The name Myriam Schaefer may not ring a bell to you, but for me, she’s one of the rock stars of bag design. The Switzerland-based visionary is the designer behind the ultimate “it” bag craze: that of the famed Balenciaga City bag (we would all be lying if we said we didn’t own one or two or three of them at one time or other!). Accessories designers often take a back seat to big-name Creative Directors of brands, even though a best-selling bag can (and does) carry an entire brand for seasons. I think it’s time to out them all, don’t you?!!

For now, I’m just super excited one of my all-time favorite bag designers has paired up with one of my all-time brands: Tibi! Released as the brand approaches its 20th anniversary, the Chapeau Bags are a year and a half in the making. Amy Smilovic, Tibi’s creative director, and Myriam Schaefer got together with the goal of creating a bag that will withstand trends, seasons, even generations. Function, quality, refinement: It’s all there for the discerning woman, as the duo likes to describe their client.

The collection comes in three styles, the Garçon, Mignon, and Papa, all featuring a clean racing stripe down the front (monochrome for subtlety, high-contrast for a striking effect) and a credit card slot on the back side for quick-thinking access. Amy is a New Yorker, and therefore, a Metro Card user, so she’s all about real-life details. You’ll have to look hard for any logos. Tibi’s is smartly positioned on the back of the bag with a small footprint, while Myriam Schaefer’s is on the interior.

A gorgeous, sporty yet super-sleek bag that works in real time: What’s more enduring than that? Available for $895-$1,295 at Tibi.

Tibi Chapeau Bags by Miriam Schaefer

Tibi Chapeau Bags by Miriam Schaefer

Tibi Chapeau Bags by Miriam Schaefer


  1. February 13, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    Wow! All of the bags look amazing. The brown one is my personal favorite. 🙂

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