Up-And-Coming Designers To Keep Your Eyes On

16110525_787056338109716_5478432104050065408_n1I’m getting married in September so naturally I’ve been obsessing about what I’m going to wear. It’s a destination wedding in Tel Aviv so there will be a few days of events meaning there is a lot more than a wedding dress to pick! Needless to say I’ve been spending hours on social media looking for inspiration. While I still haven’t picked out any of my outfits, I have come across a number of awesome up-and-coming designers. Here’s a look at some of my favorite! And again, my upcoming wedding explains all the white!!

Side note – Net-a-Porter and Moda Operandi are both treasure chests for emerging designers; read their editorial content and follow them on social media and you’ll make some awesome discoveries! NAP is especially great because they’re so good with shipping and returning, which can often be an issue when you’re buying from emerging designers (as you’ll see below, one dress I was considering buying from Maticevski cost $80 to ship and they have a store credit only return policy if something doesn’t fit).


Elizabeth Kennedy is a prodigy. Not only did she work and design for Donna Karan, J. Mendel, Max Mara before starting her brand, at the age of 22 she became the head designer at Isaac Mizrahi! It’s little wonder her evening wear is so stunning. I’m completely obsessed with the above gown… if only it weren’t $8,800! Even for my wedding gown I can’t wrap my head (or bank account) around that price, but hey if you have the disposable income it’s worth every last penny. 16110525_787056338109716_5478432104050065408_n1

Kalita epitomizes resort. Their whole line makes me wish I could jet off to St. Barts.


I’m a sucker for ruffles, which is why the current Alexis collection (designed by a mother-daughter team!) is particularly high on my list. The pieces look so romantic and effortless.

untitled-8_1So I have a bone to pick with Maticevski. First off I’m obsessed with the brand…the designs are breathtaking! Literally I want to wear everything. But they have the worst customer service! If you can get over that or money isn’t an issue however you’re golden. I saw a dress that I fell in love with. It went on sale to about $2,500. They only offer store credit for sale items, so I got in touch with them and told them I’m looking for a wedding dress is there any way if it doesn’t fit and I send it back as soon as I receive it that I could get my money back? They said no. I offered to pay full price and even then they said no! Who buys a wedding dress not knowing if it will fit? I get that they don’t want to risk loosing a sale, but I’m paying for shipping both ways and all the customs/duties charges (it’s an Australian brand) is it really that much of a risk? It’s such a competitive landscape it seems to be a miss in my book to have such a restrictive policy given how expensive the designs are. Not to mention that they charge $80 for shipping. It kills me because I think I would have kept the dress; it was stunning but I just couldn’t take the risk. Also as mentioned they have customs and duties on their products which if you return them – for store credit or otherwise – they won’t give you back (this could be a few hundred dollars). I almost didn’t include them in this roundup because their shipping/return policy is so infuriating, but the designs are so spectacular I had to! It’s also worth noting that I had to deal with the brand directly because the gown I was looking at was not available in the US, but the brand is carried by Jeffrey’s, Intermix, Moda Operandi and a few others so you might get luckier than me since all those places have mainstream policies!


If you’re looking for a wow dress and happen to be in Miami where Silvia Tcherass is based how could you not try this piece on? This was another dress I was considering for my wedding, but at $5,000 it’s too risky for me to buy without trying it on first (they would have to custom make it for me in white).

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