Cookware without chemicals should be a non-negotiable

I vaguely knew about the Teflon controversy, but it wasn’t something I thought much about until I saw “The Devil We Know.” Literally halfway through the movie I got all my non-stick pots and pans that weren’t Le Creuset and threw them in the garbage. I’m particularly sensitive to this issue because I’m in the midst of my third round of IVF. I’m becoming more and more sensitive to the fact that my issues may possibly be related to all the chemicals found in every day items that have been shown to be linked to not only fertility issues and birth defects, but cancer. Why risk it? I’m making an effort to clean up everything from my beauty routine to my kitchen, but that isn’t always easy. We have to stop assuming that just because something is sold on a shelf that it’s safe!

After watching “The Devil We Know” I went on a deep dive mission to find out what brands were safe and which weren’t – it’s really hard to get information. I noticed that even some of my Le Creuset items were made in China much to my shock! But not everything made in China is automatically toxic and Le Creuset has come up time and time again as top-notch. Interestingly enough in my revamp I hadn’t come across Caraway, but when the brand emailed me I was immediately intrigued. They too are made in China, but are top-of-the-line and their pots and pans are offered at great price points. It’s everything you get from Le Creuset but at more affordable prices.

Caraway’s pots/pans look great (love the colors!) and have added features like a handle that lets you rest your cooking spoon/utensil on it. Plus every set comes with magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder, which is just plain genius and something anyone with a small kitchen can appreciate. Their 4-piece set is $395 and comes in a variety of color options. Everything is Teflon-free and non-toxic meaning you can use these at high-heat even though they’re also non-stick (basically the health benefits of stainless steel with the convenience of Teflon). The problem with Teflon and why you need to worry about the chemicals in many non-stick pans is that at high heat they get released into your food – so when in doubt always, always use low-to-medium heat with non-stick pans….or just go with a brand like Caraway where you don’t need to worry about being poisoned when you cook!! Sorry to sound dramatic, but watch “The Devil We Know” and you’ll sound like a zealot too…

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