Coola Plant UV Sunscreen

Most dermatologists I’ve spoken to recommend wearing an SPF 30 (while no sunscreen covers the entire spectrum of UV rays, there is pretty much no difference between SPF 30 and SPF 100…). Further, no matter how high your SPF you MUST re-apply sunscreen every two hours. I prefer mineral sunscreens because they’re made with zinc, which is more stable than chemical sunscreen ingredients that break down when exposed to UV rays. Mineral ones also work as soon as you apply them and are better for people with sensitive/acne-prone skin. With all that said I’m loving Coola’s new Plant UV Sunscreen. They’ve got a product for the face and one for the body, each of which is made with organic ingredients and what they’re calling their exclusive plant protection technology – basically the two products use plant stem cells, derived from Buddleja Davidii stems and the Lilac
Leaf, as natural boosters, which work with zinc to protect our skin.

I love that the products are 70%-plus organic, formulated to be fast-acting and effective, and are water resistant. I’ve also been lathering them on to and from my walks from the gym and no breakouts in sight. The only downside is that the formulation are a touch chalky so they’re not the quickest to absorb into skin, but that’s a relatively small price to pay for a reliably effective burn, acne, and wrinkle protector.

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