A cosmetic bag for every occasion

If you’re anything like me, you like options (my husband always jokes that it won’t be long before the only room for his stuff will be under the bed…). But when it comes to beauty bags, options can also mean that your things are better organized. I like to store my beauty products in bags so they’re not scattered all over my bathroom counter. I also like to store my on-the-go ones in small pouches so I can quickly find them say…when I’m walking in the freezing cold and really need my lip balm. Checkout some options for those as well as two others below. 

When you have something to protect: Cartwright

Cartwright makes beauty backs with built-in locks. Obviously these won’t protect against theft in all cases because you can easily just take the whole bag or even cut it open, but it will deter some people from quickly pocketing something (my friend had a house party and she told me people — all of whom were friends or friends-of-friends stole beauty products!) as well as from peeping toms. The Brick ($98) is my favorite.

When you’re traveling: Tory Burch

This compact beauty weekender from Tory Burch ($198) has a ton of storage space, including space for brushes, so everything will be easy to organize and find.

When you’re going to a party: Stoney Clover

Stoney Clover has been exploding in popularity. I first discovered them strolling in Palm Beach and they’ve since opened in the Hamptons and NYC. Their mini iridescent pouch ($44) is perfect for totting along to a party (it can also double as storage for charging cables). A lot of their bags have a teen-vibe with all the colors and patches, but they have some fun picks for adults as well.

A home cosmetic bag: Tumi

If you don’t have a vanity or mirrored cabinet to organize all your beauty product in it doesn’t get better than this double-zip, top carry handle bag from Tumi ($195). It has three transparent zip pockets, one with triple pocket dividers, as well as a detachable nylon zip pouch for when you’re on-the-go.

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