Cotton Candy Pure Blush from AWAKE


(Cotton Candy blush color outlined in black)

mercierfinishingbrush.jpgDid you know that it’s the brightest of blushes that look the most natural? I use a big powder brush to put Benefit’s Dandelion all over my cheeks, layer a light touch of Bobbi Brown bronzer on top of that, and then a bit of Cotton Candy from Awake in the apple of my cheeks to finish the look. I blend it all with this amazing Finishing brush from Laura Mercier to avoid looking like a clown and I get that healthy glow usually achieved after a 10k run or an afternoon in bed with your honey 🙂 All items available at Neiman Marcus.


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  1. fashion neophyte
    February 26, 2007 / 5:20 pm

    That brush is so cool.

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