Cricket Ultra Smooth Dryer: The New Hair Dryer You Need

Cricket Ultra Smooth Dryer

When it comes to heat styling, women tend to pay the most attention to their flat irons; and yes, it’s very important to shop wisely for one that is going to do the least damage to your hair. That said, it’s also important to make sure your blow dryer isn’t damaging your hair especially because most of us are using it at least as often as our other heated styling tools. To that end I’d highly recommend checking out Cricket‘s just-launched Ultra Smooth Professional Dryer. It features argan oil and keratin protein baked into the outlet filter!  The essential oils infused into the dryer help prevent breakage, cut frizz, and even work to help boost shine so you’re protecting hair while preventing damage. While the dryer is designed to be used without any products, it can never hurt to go the extra step and use a heat protecting spray. My favorite is Oribe Royal Blowout heat styling spray because it not only protects hair, it helps cut down on blow dry time (Cricket heats up quickly so it shouldn’t take that long anyway, but there is a reason so many stylists swear by this particular Oribe product…it really becomes an essential once you start using it). It also smells great! The odor isn’t too strong, though, so it won’t compete with any styling/treatment products you might be using. Cricket Ultra Smooth Dryer at Loxa Beauty for $99.99.

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