Custom Engraving: The New Way To Personalize Beauty


Personalized anything is a win in my book. Even if it’s something small, it demonstrates you went that extra mile to show someone you care. It also turns something that can otherwise be forgettable, into a treasured item. And, not to sound like a bratty kid who likes to stamp their name all over the place, personalizing an item for yourself is a nice touch t00 – especially if it’s free! Which brings me to a growing trend, especially around the holidays, of brands offering free customization (and I’m not just talking beauty…this time last year I ordered a new iPad and it came with free engraving). Two notable brands to checkout are YSL Beauty – they’ve got free free engraving on everything from lipstick to fragrance and Giorgio Armani Beauty, which is offering free lipstick engraving. Just check the complimentary engraving box when you’re adding the product to your cart.

If you’re looking to go one step further Kiehl’s has launched Apothecary Preparations. Select stores are now allowing customers to meet with a representative for a free personalized consultation. From there your face product gets mixed and finished with a customized label. I recently had a few people (and some of their friends…) over at my apartment and both a face cream and a fragrance went missing; I can’t help but wonder if they had been personalized if that would have still been the case… also note to self, be careful when it comes to who you’re inviting into your home!

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