Custom Made for Kids


Personalized touches are always what sets apart good gifts from great gifts, which is why I love The First Adventures of Incredible You. For about $30 you can get this award-winning, full-color, hardcover book containing over 20 places that may be personalized to include details about the people and places that are most special to your child. Best of all it was created by two mommies! Love mama-entrepreneurs! Some of the personalized items include your family’s favorite sports team, music, vacation spot, park, and even your nearby zoo! You are also given the opportunity to include your child’s parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends in the story and there is a dedication page so that the child will always remember who gave them the special book! Click here to see first-hand what you can personalize. As for the story the book tells, The First Adventures of Incredible You is described by their website as a delightful, rhyming personalized children’s book about the everyday experiences and sensations of a young child. From splashing in rain puddles to cheering on a favorite team to smelling a favorite family food, the personalized storybook tells the story of this child’s first several years of life.

Use coupon code — “adventures20” — and save 20% on all orders until 8/31/2008!

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