Davines Launches More Inside

Davines Launches More Inside

When it comes to hair products it’s pretty hard to get me away from Oribe and Kerastase, but I couldn’t resist the latest launches from Davines when my eyes caught their packaging. I’m a sucker for great bottles, and these look like mini presents! I also love that the bottles clearly state what they’re intended to do versus just being labeled “gel” or “oil.” These make great gifts for a Beauty Snob as they’re pretty much ready-to-go as is, but if you’re looking for straightforward products that tackle specific issues for yourself, they’re great for that too! The one I’m using now is their moisturizing fluid. It’s fast absorbing and works great on my damp hair. My hair is very long and prone to knots, so applying a dollop of this and working it through with my fingers helps alleviate the potential of knots while also infusing my hair with moisture, which it’s always lacking this time of year. It also helps fight frizz, though that is less of a concern for me in the winter. Check-out the full line here!

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