Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Mermaid’s Dream: Sweet Dream…Or Beautiful Nightmare?


Would you or wouldn’t you? Better yet, should you? Like many lipsticks, the nail lacquers that look prettiest in their packaging don’t seem to translate quite as well to reality. I adore the name “Mermaid’s Dream,” and I’m loving gazing into this shimmering seafoam-meets-aqua blue, flecked with specks of indigo glitter. But on my hands? The connotation is more eight-grade girl than washed-ashore maiden.

If there’s anytime, summer is it for getting a playful manicure. I applaud Deborah Lippmann for her bold way with glitter polishes; many of her confections resemble a party-in-a-bottle. Is this a party you’d like to attend or do you politely decline? At Nordstromiconfor $18.

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