Derek Lam Famke Hobo


You would think after all that holiday gift buying I would be tired of shopping but 2 days off is all I needed. Besides, this year I really did only buy gifts (for other people) when I went shopping so I am ready to get back to me. And things are really on sale petersom_marigaydress.gifnow so how can I not at least look? I am feeling practical at the end of the year, like this Derek Lam hobo is totally appealing to me. It is a simple everyday hobo but look at the details on the sides. It does not distract from the basic hobo and adds the flare and style something as boring as a hobo needs. The color is fabulous, there are no logos (I love that the label is on the inside of the strap), big thick strap that stays on and the giant lock is removable. All good things. Plus at half off this bag is only $837.50. Another amazing find is this Peter Som dress. Until we actually go through with our new years resolution of losing weight, going to the gym, yada yada yada, we all have some holiday weight on that we’re not proud of, but if you can’t lose it, hide it. I love this forgiving but flattering dress with the details at the collar and hem to distract from the pooch in between. It is wool so no clinging action and it keeps its shape beautifully. This is such a great dress for the winter, stay warm, slim and feminine. Also half off at $742.50. Shop the entire Shopbop Designer Boutique Sale for more fabulous finds.


  1. Anonymous
    December 27, 2007 / 9:58 am

    i absolutely adore the dress!love the colour, ruffles and bow neck tie – its so feminine. the bag, however, i can do without. i think its terrible, i cant imagine it sitting against the body well. the detailing has no practical use. brass zippers, d-rings, fake locks? there is nothing feminine about this bag at all. it looks like something i would find in a clearance bin at dillards. i do agree with liking the logo on the inside of the strap, i love low key bags that dont advertise designers logos. the leather does look soft which is always nice. this is deffinatly NOT an ‘it’ bag.

  2. mette
    December 29, 2007 / 12:27 am

    OK,the dress looks cute on the model,but I could not imagine wearing it. The collar looks so tight and the arms so bare. As to the bag-well it just does not appeal to me.It is kind of too puffy and I´d imagine that the things inside are hard to reach,I´d like it to be a bit larger too.Now it looks too invisible.The fact that no labels are seen is positive.

  3. Deikel D
    January 1, 2008 / 2:27 pm

    very nice

  4. James
    January 2, 2008 / 8:48 pm

    both are ugly!

  5. James
    January 2, 2008 / 8:48 pm

    both are ugly!

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