The Design Republik: Affordable, Limited-Edition Designs

The Design Republik

When it comes to basics, I do a lot of my shopping at Zara, but there’s nothing worse than wearing something and then seeing someone else wearing that exact same piece – and this is a common problem with Zara. Not to mention that I feel uncomfortable wearing something that’s an obvious designer knockoff. While there are a ton of great brands that make cozy basics – Vince, Theoryicon, etc. – these tend to be, relatively speaking, expensive.

The Design Republik is a new alternative. What got me hooked on the line is that they release a new outfit every month. This is limited edition and retails for $350, but you can buy the pieces individually. Each month the outfit launched bears in mind those from previous months, meaning that if you stay loyal to the brand, you’ll have an easy time mixing and matching and will be able to cut down on “wardrobe holes.” I’m the first to admit I have zero brand loyalty, so I could never commit to ordering an outfit every month, but the site is a goldmine for everyday, well-priced basics made from good quality fabrics (at least they feel great and so far have withstood washing well). Pieces also tend to have interesting little details to elevate them from simple, neutral-toned separates. And they have menswear too! Activewear is launching soon, which I’m most excited about since I live in my gym clothes by day and could use a break from the neon and sheer-paneled overkill we see everywhere.

The Design Republik

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  1. November 4, 2015 / 4:43 pm

    “I have zero brand loyalty” I love that I’m not the only one. While I have brands I stop by first when looking for an item, I’m all about how it looks…not the tag inside. Thanks for the heads up on another site to check out!

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