Design through the Decades: The 1990s

Vic Italy Platform Wedge Booties

When it comes to shoes, I definitely peaked in the late ‘90s – partly because the platforms were so high! On MTV Asia, I would interview celebs like the Spice Girls, all of us sporting similar crazy shoes (except for Posh, she was usually tasteful in her Prada or Gucci heels). The beginning of the decade also saw the rise of booties and Prada wedges, but by the end, we were on to Sex and the City-style single sole pumps (thanks to Manolo and Choo). Which was your favorite ‘90s trend?

Vic Italy Platform Wedge Booties:
Walking around in a pair of technicolor Spice World platforms would definitely get you odd looks today. These sleek black booties offer the throwback look without the dated feel. On Shopbop for $358.

Prada Silver Leather Mary Jane Platform Wedges:
Prada revived the ‘70s trend in a serious way when the house sent them down the runway in 1996. On Bluefly for $487.49 (from $850).

Single Sole Heels
Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby:
This was the decade when Christian Louboutin founded his eponymous label and when rarely a week went by that we didn’t hear Carrie Bradshaw oohing and aahing over a pair of Manolos. And now single soles are back in vogue! At Barneys New York for $755.

A.P.C. Lace up Flat Booties:
The ‘90s weren’t all about height, though. Flat, lace-up booties were a trend that even the heel-averse could enjoy. On Shopbop for $495.

Grunge Boots
Dr. Martens Pascal:
Or you could take the look grunge – another trend that’s currently having a revival. Everyone from Kurt Cobain to Naomi Campbell could be found in a pair of lug sole boots in the ‘90s, and Doc Martens were (and remain) the most famous. On Zappos for $130.

Design through the Decades

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