Designinverso Shoulder Bags: Rain Over Me

Designinverso Shoulder Bags

Okay, the resemblance to a certain quilted, chain-strapped shoulder bag is obvious, but unless you’ve picked up a handbag raincoat, there’s no way you’d want to carry such a costly luxury in these fickle spring showers. Even in the morning when I see that the forecast is only a 30% chance of precipitation, I get worried! Designinverso’s nod to the classic bag style is perfect for days like this. The Italian-made accessories come in a rainbow’s worth of PVC, and at price points that will make you want to pick up each and every last one, from the metallic-tinged or pastel Milanos to the clear-coated Taorminas. They’re like candy…a single piece just never seems to be enough! Designinverso bags available on Farfetchicon from $117 – $170.

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