How to Detox Your Beauty Bag for Summer


You might be surprised to learn that many ingredients that are beneficial in the winter can become problematic in the summer, which is why switching things up come summer is imperative. To find out exactly how we should go about detoxing our summer beauty bag, I turned to Jelena Ley Petkovic of Miami Beach Plastic Surgery Center & Medspa.

1. Throw out any products containing alpha hydroxy acids, Retinoic acid or citrus extracts
These products might be helpful when rejuvenating sun-damaged skin but they become questionable during warmer months and can predispose you to sun damage.

2. Stop using sunscreen that is more than six months old
Older sunscreens can accumulate toxic metabolites called nitrosamines with effects on skin including stress and aging.

3. Replace harsh toners with refreshing and strengthening lotions and waters
Toners can strip the skin of essential lipids, and alter its natural protective and healing properties. During summer we must be especially cautious of not over-stripping the skin, despite the extra humidity, as the more hydrated the skin is, the better protected from environmental aggressors and UV rays it is. Replacing your harsh cleanser and toner with more gentle varieties helps preserve, protect, and strengthen the skin.

4. Time for foundation
Liquid foundations contain some of the most concerning chemicals including PEG/PPGs, retinyl acetate, alumina, parabens and propylene glycol. Considering these chemicals have been identified as carcinogens and endocrine disrupters, their accumulation in the body has been linked with brain, nervous system, reproductive, and immune-related consequences. Avoiding chemical-ridden foundations is a great idea year-round, however summertime weather conditions usually encourage higher absorption of the product into the skin, making it especially important to use “clean” products on skin surfaces!

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