DeVita Natural Skin Care: Lipstick Without the Ick

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I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I figure if you want to do something…don’t wait…change it now! That said I couldn’t help but make a few. In 2013 I want to start running outdoors, I want to make it to a 9pm Barry’s Bootcamp class (I’m just curious to see the kind of crowd that is so hardcore they work out at 9pm…), and I want to start using as many natural beauty products as possible. It’s really disturbing the amount of chemicals that are in most skincare and makeup products. It’s easy not to think about them, kind of like how I turn a blind eye to all the artificial flavorings, high fructose corn syrup, and other less than stellar ingredients when I’m scarfing down a sleeve of Oreos (pop one, you just can’t stop…). Beauty products are just like the food we ingest however – these are things that we are putting on our skin, our largest organ and a gateway to the blood stream. With that, I present to you DeVita Natural Skin Care, an all-natural, 100% paraben free and vegan beauty company with a full line of skincare and mineral make-up.

They just launched a new line of makeup, absolute minerals, which is designed to fight signs of aging while acting as color cosmetic products (all made with natural pigments and botanicals). You might remember the big lead in lipstick controversy – all shades of absolute LIPS are lead-free, guaranteed. And how’s this for snob, their Prime Corrective makeup primer is made with diamonds! Gimmicky perhaps, but who can resist…

I tried their eye makeup remover and it was surprisingly effective in getting rid of my mascara and shadow (though I did not test on waterproof). That said it was not as quick of a swipe as with non-natural options I’ve tried, but if you’ve got sensitivity (many removers make my eye area burn), I’d check this one out. They’ve also got moisturizers, shadows, and just about everything else you can think of!

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  1. January 29, 2013 / 10:15 am

    Good Morning, Sharon! Thank you so much for this lovely review. We are very proud of the contribution we have made to the vegetarian and vegan communities.

    I just wanted to make a quick mention that the Prime Corrective makeup primer was formulated with D.C.P. (diamond co-polymer technology) which neutralizes imperfections without COLORED pigments. Its unique because unlike other color correctors which use opaque COLOR to COVER imperfections, this amazing new technology uses an exclusive translucent violet to bounce light and color corrects all colors in one fell swoop. Many of us had to use lavender to cover dark circles, green to cover red and peach to cover yellow. This is easy and amazingly effective! Thank you again! I LOVE YOUR BLOG and a regular reader!!

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