“Diaper” athleisure is a thing and it’s just as bad as it sounds

When I showed my husband images of some of the latest Alo Yoga leggings including the ones pictured above, he asked me to please not buy them. Of course he wouldn’t actually say anything if I did, but he warned me that looking as though I was heading to the gym in a diaper was not a flattering look. Lucky for him, I agreed. The new Alo style however isn’t the first of its kind. In fact, it’s a pretty obvious knockoff of Adam Selman’s leggings. The Selman leggings below are one of many variations of this style that Selman has come out with. I’m so confused at their popularity! One of my friends bought the pair below and said she loves them because they have no compression though it means they’re not great at “sucking things in.” She also told me that though she loves them, they photograph horribly. I haven’t tried these myself so I can’t vouch for them either way, but from the looks of it – aesthetics aside – I can’t imagine that these are pleasant to sweat in. I look like I peed in my pants after most HIIT classes, in these pants I will really look that way! On the flip side all the micro holes could make the style breathable. What are your thoughts on the diaper athleisure trend?

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