Did I mention I liked Pink?

Post by Michelle

Sigh…. I love pink. I know, I’m twenty-six and I shouldn’t have such a strong attachment to the favorite color of my youth, but I do. I’m also a sucker for cute packaging. So, when I was doing my routine browse through of Sephora and noticed this Hopelessly Devoted to Pink set from Benefit, I knew I had to have it even before I knew what was in it! Turns out it’s a pretty good deal. It’s three lip creams and three eye shadows in shades of pink that all compliment each other nicely. The makeup itself is fairly good quality although I do find that the eyeshadow doesn’t stay put as well as I would like it to! (Tip: Don’t wear a black shirt while putting on this eyeshadow!) The colors are really beautiful shades of pink and will look great once it gets warm enough outside for me to get a tan! $28 at Sephora. Benefit Cosmetics Hopelessly Devoted to Pink!


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  1. March 22, 2007 / 5:32 am

    i love pink too!! 6 different items for $38 is such a great deal! i hope my hubby sees it the same way too..

    btw, PINK is never too old for anyone! my daddy’s favorite color is PINK! and my sister ONLY wears pink eyeshadows.. and i only wear PINK lip gloss/stick..

    oh yea, pink rocks!!

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