Same but Different: The FENDI Zucca Logo Is Back and I Love It!

Remember when we wore our brands loud and proud? It was the 90s, and I indulged fully in logo fever (Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton anyone?!) like everyone else I knew. But the 2000’s happened, and I took a long stint in logo rehab through the era of understated chic (and Celine). Well that got boring really quickly and I’m happy to say it’s time to once again wear our favorite logos on our sleeve, or anywhere your monogram loving heart desires! Whether it’s on your shoes, bags or an entire coat (like my vintage Fendi trench below), now is the time to flex your flashiness without shame!

One of my favorite comebacks is the Fendi Zucca logo- the classic FFs have never looked more modern and appealing. And since we are having a moment with all things 90s lets give credit where it’s due- Sex and the city started the Fendi mania for me along with every other 20 something who saw herself as Carrie (ALWAYS Carrie). So, will you indulge this time around in the new gen Fendi logo bags? Or will you scour vintage like this OG Fendi baguette on FarFetch? Quite the bargain if you ask me! And if I’ve learned anything in my old age, it’s to never throw out or sell anything you really love. I’m so happy I still have my own Fendi from the 90s!


My own vintage 90s Fendi trench-coat and tote bag (it was sold with the trench coat! So when it stopped raining you can fold it and put it in the bag) modeled by Miya in my latest “Bag Chat with Tina” Column in Vogue China.

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