Dior Rebelle


We have not been kind to Dior of late but we have to admit that we’re secretly eyeing the Rebelle series of bags. They’re funky and fun and for the girls who like to kick it low profile at King’s Road Cafe instead of paparazzi hyped Ivy (by the way, I remember when The Ivy was a place I’d go to with friends and family for nice quiet lunches. We’d see celebs but it was not the zoo it is now full of attention craved starlets who secretly alert the paparazzi themselves when they’ll be there. I miss LA the way it was when I was younger. Everytime I go home I am annoyed!). I really like the suede and leather combination, it gives the bag more texture. Actually, everything about this bag is cute, the side pockets are almost standard nowadays as we have so many gadgets to carry around but what I really like is the hook enclosure that secures the flap down so our valuables are safe even while we roam the busy streets of Milan or New York. We love the winter white but for more practical bag snobs, the dark brown is just as fab and will be easier to maintain. $1495 – $1595 at eLuxury.


Left: The Ivy on Robertson

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