DL1961 White Jeans: Got Milk?

DL1961 White Jeans

Never fear white jeans again. Thanks to DL1961’s Xfit lycra, this milk-colored denim will keep you looking slim all summer long – none of that sausage legs nonsense. These’ll go with everything from your red and white July 4th tee to a silky black top, adding a crisp, clean finish to each look. I’ve been obsessed with white jeans since collage, so I have all of these DL1961s – no matter which you pick, you can’t go wrong! Available at DL1961.

Amanda ($168): The Coveteur recently roughed up some of my DL1961s, and now I love the look! DIY on a pair of old jeans first to try out your skills.

Angel ($158): This length looks perfectly tailored on everyone, especially petite Snobs like myself who can be overwhelmed by too much fabric!

Lola ($98): It’s summer – how could I have a list without shorts? The cutout style lends just the tiniest bit of edge to an angelic hue.

Emma ($158): I love ankle length jeans for summer. And I love the faux pockets even more! With a chic bag, who needs pocket space?

Joy ($168): Girls who want to show off their curves tend to stick with skinny jeans, but since DL1961’s pants are made with the Xfit stretch denim, even a flared style will keep you looking sleek.

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