DNAEGF Renewal: What the Heck are DNA Repair Enzymes?

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The new buzz words in beauty seem to be “DNA repair enzymes.” I’m not one to get caught up in science because when it comes to beauty products all the science is mostly just marketing jargon. The mechanism behind DNA repair enzymes however strikes me as one worth exploring because it offers an alternative to fighting signs of sun and age damage with something other than the conventional antioxidant-rich skincare products that work by tackling free radicals. DNA repair enzymes work very differently. They actually cut out the damaged DNA and replace it. Our levels and therefore our capacity to do this, however, go down with age, which is why new lines like the dermatologist-developed DNAEGF Renewal were created around these enzymes (they use enzymes extracted from natural sources) that boost the DNA’s capacity to basically regenerate itself.

While there still isn’t a huge body of research, the efficacy of DNA repair enzymes has shown very promising effects in a number of scientific studies. There’s a lot of talk that they can help prevent skin cancer. In the short term, the enzymes also work pretty fast to improve the superficial signs of skin damage! And it doesn’t hurt that DNAEGF Renewal has amazing, easily portable packaging. They make all of the basics: foaming gel cleanser, tinted SPF (light or medium), night cream, face serum, day moisturizer, and eye cream.

Note, though, that the #1 way to prevent all of these things is still…sunscreen!!

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