Do It For The Dads: The Trendy Ugly Dad Sneaker

It’s about time that we talk about the Ugly dad sneaker. The trend I truly thought would go away (like the croc movement) is here to stay and has actually grown on me. Fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga have made this trend such a huge success that many designers have since followed to a D. I’ve gotta say that the ugly dad sneaker has seen a new light and models off-duty everywhere make me seriously want to invest. Luckily, the chunky sneaker comes in a variety of styles at different price points that makes it easy for all of us to say yes in the name of style, if not sanity! Here are some of the ugliest yet coolest of dad sneakers:


Adidas Originals Yung 1 (available for $130)


Gucci Off-White Rhyton Sneaker (available for $880) 


Fila Disruptor 2 Sneaker (available for $70)


adidas Originals Women’s Falcon Sneaker (available for $100)


PUMA Women’s Thunder Electric Sneaker (available for $120) 


Balenciaga Triple S sneaker (available for $890)


 Maison Margiela Chunky Leather Sneaker (available for $895)


Wear With:

Réalisation Par Nudité Dress (available for $210)

Paco Raboanne Convertible Hobo bag (available for $1,090)

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