Do Therapedic weighted blankets actually work?

There are always new crazes in the wellness space and they rarely come cheap. It’s hard to know which are actually worth investing in (think twice before splurging on a pricey juicer). One of the latest to hit your Instagram feed is very likely Therapedic Reversible Weighted Blankets ($149-$189). And when I say weighted….I mean weighted!! These babies, available in three colors, weigh from eight to 25 pounds!!

So should you load your body with a 16 pound blanket? (As I did…). If you’re anxious, the answer is very likely, YES.

First off, Therapedic is a brand known for their sleep optimizing products and their new line is based on studies, like this one, that have found that people feel less anxious after laying beneath a weighted blanket. Think of the comfort you get with a body pillow, but a 10000 times better. The idea is that laying under constant and evenly distributed weight helps relax your nervous system and produce a calming effect.  Besides reducing anxiety, studies (though they are limited and on small sample sizes), have shown that weighted blankets can also help those with autism and ADHD). While I can’t speak to the latter, I can speak to the insomnia and anxiety part. The blanket is super cozy and I also like putting it on my lap while I work (I pretend it’s a dog, which I’m dying to get!). This is also makes a great gift. I know we all have far too many totally stressed out friends and family members…

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