Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Printed Ponyhair: Pony Up for Fall

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Printed Ponyhair

Sometimes (a lot of times), more is better. Dolce & Gabbana lives by that idea, as evidenced by this beaded pony hair bag that also just happens to be leopard-printed. Want even more? The padlock is a kicker, though I can live without that. Here’s why this works: fall is the perfect time to live in excess. After all the tree hugging I’ve been doing this summer (and by that I mean lounging by pools and beaches where there are trees nearby) it’s time to indulge in accessories that are strictly for the indoors. The bag’s simple shape isn’t inspiring anyone, but all of the embellishments need to stand alone and I do appreciate a slouchier bag for pony hair. The most excessive aspect of the bag is the price, so be prepared to pony up! On Luisa via Romaicon for $4,000.

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