Dolce & Gabbana Python Structured Bag: Picture Perfect Frame

Dolce & Gabbana Python Structured Bag

With Fashion Week coming to an end, I feel like treating myself! This snakeskin charmer has me under its spell, and I have no plans to fight the feeling. Not all vintage style bags are this wearable. I’ll buy vintage that sit in my closet just to make me happy, but they would never work on the average day. Dolce & Gabbana’s frame bag recalls ’50s sophistication yet with enough modern elements to make it functional. It’s a nice size that will allow you to carry around what you want without giving you an excuse to bring everything. And you don’t have to dress in ladylike silhouettes and delicate sheaths to make it work. The strap is key here – the python is just icing! I would wear the bag in plain leather, as well, though for this price, why not go exotic? Available on Matchesicon for $2,935.

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