Dolce & Gabbana Ruby Holiday Collection: Ruby-Red Friday

At a recent modern etiquette lesson (yes, I attend them – don’t laugh at me; I believe good manners are more important than the designer clothes on your back) that at no time is it appropriate to whisk your lipstick out at the table, especially in mixed company. As seriously as I take proper form, how can one resist showing off Dolce & Gabbana’s chic new packaging? Their Ruby collection, in time for the holidays, will let you sparkle as brilliantly as the ornaments on your tree. While you’re indulging in jewel tones for the face, why not satiate yourself further with cosmetic packaging to match?

The luxurious collection is well-edited: a semi-neutral eyeshadow quad, peachyblush to keep the face naturally flushed, and five lipsticks – all embossed with a precious ruby-red jewel that represents Dolce & Gabbana’s fire and passion. Indeed, it’s all about the lip. More specifically, a ruby-red lip, with a shade inspired by the sumptuous pucker of muse Scarlett Johansson. Others range from orange-based to deep berry.

I use the taupe and white shadows for day, adding a hint of the darker shades, in deep green and lilac, for drama in the evening. And I can’t lie: At my latest girls’ luncheon, I defied etiquette and pulled out my pretty lipstick for a quick touch-up. Everyone ooohed and ahhhed over the packaging. I guess all rules are negotiable, as long as you do it with charm!

Ruby Lipsticks (in Devil 220, Scarlett 195, Ultra 190, Ruby 180, and Iconic 210), $37, Ruby Eyeshadow in Femme Fatale 100, $75, and Ruby Blush in Peach 20, $55, to be available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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